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1. I Followed You To Galway Town


I followed you to Galway town

Discover your Celtic roots on a
musical journey to Galway Town
(and halfway back again)

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That summer, still sharp in my mind, have you ever met someone special, someone you know you could spend the rest of your life with, and it would still not be long enough? I can still see her as she walked out of the sun, her beauty radiating with an intensity that outshone its rays. Raven haired, exquisitely featured, we were a matched pair, perfection in that solar haze. Our hearts entwined and I knew we could never be apart, the days blurred into a festival of light, love, and an intensity, that overshadowed anything I have ever experienced. All too soon I had to travel from Galway to Cork, we parted with the arrangement to meet and continue our lives together. My vehicle let me down, I was a week late, she was not there… an old lady selling flowers told me of a girl who waited at the spot for three days, on the last day she had seen her the girl, she had left with tears on her cheeks, like I did four days later. Her name? Well, I’ll keep that in my heart for now, but if she ever hears this song, she’ll know I waited, and all my days since have been empty. Spare a thought, as you listen to Lloyd Dereks sing this song, for two young lovers, robbed of their destiny... Billy Jay