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1. El Palacio D'Amore


El Palacio D'Amore

This song pays tribute to a friend who died too young

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“El Palacio D’Amore” pays tribute to a friend who died too young while driving a fast car in a slow lane. Songwriter Tom McGuire grew up in The Bronx during the 1960s and 70s with his friend Mario. When partying, Tom played acoustic guitar. Mario loved listening. Tom even wrote a guitar riff for his friend.

In 1988, Mario’s car crashed. Living in London at the time, Tom felt the grieving need to complete Mario’s “riff” into a song. What to sing about? For one thing, Mario adored Lolita, a baby whale he once saw. For another, Mario baked bread.

This track was recorded at Crocodile Music in 1988. Tom feels further blessed; his multi-talented friend Malcolm Ironton is lead guitarist and producer. Tom sings and plays rhythm guitar. Many thanks to Lavinia Rogers on backup vocals. Cover illustration by Anne Carleer, oil on canvas. In memory of Mario.