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1. Rock a Bye Baby


Laid back Lullabies

An album of children's lullabies with a unique twist

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Sarah's singing puts the toughest audience in the world to sleep Just like millions of parents all over the world working hard to juggle parenthood, work and family, Sarah ffelan faces the same challenge every evening - settling down her three extremely lively small children and sending them happily off to Sleepy Town. This can often be the toughest gig around, but Sarah does have one big advantage over many other parents, she is blessed with a truly beautiful singing voice. Now she has used this gift so that other parents may also soothe away even the most determined : "I'm not tired yet Mummy", into a happy and contented Zzzzzzzz.

The new album 'Laid Back Lullabies' recorded by Sarah features a collection of traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes arranged in a unique, relaxed style that creates the perfect atmosphere of calm for the little on's bedtime. Or for that matter, any other occasion such as a long car journey when boredom is very likely to set in.