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1. Luminari


Secret France

Original soundtrack from Rick's latest
BBC television series.

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Rick invites the viewer to join him on a culinary adventure to prove that France is still a place to discover good food and fine wines. This journey takes him away from the autoroute and the major towns and cities with Rick travelling 'off the beaten track'. Here he finds local chefs, farmers, artisans, and vineyard owners still creating exciting dishes and producing fine wines which continue to contribute to the ever-changing culture and cuisine of France. Travelling the back roads from Normandy and the Somme to the lesser known regions of the Jura, Auvergne, Périgord and Roussillon. He discovers both traditional and innovative restaurants, while also visiting local markets and taking time out to delve into local regional history.

This collection of music has been specially composed for the series to provide just a little extra seasoning to the many wonderful dishes discovered and presented by Rick.