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1. My Kind of Country


My Kind of Country

4 track EP of
Original Country Songs

+ P&P

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Londoner Lloyd Dereks is an exciting newcomer to the global country music scene. While still in his teens Lloyd became a professional snooker and pool player, battling out matches in pool rooms all over the world. This lifestyle saw him visiting many American states, picking up influences in his love of Country Music along the way.

This immersion into the American music scene gained him many close friends in the country music's homeland – Tennessee USA! During this time, he became a close friend of Charlie Hodge, Elvis Presley's side-kick, band member, stage manager, guitar player, backing singer and jester. Lloyd was even given one of Elvis' guitars, which is a 016 Martin. This debut EP is an example of his passion for country music of which we are sure to hear more.