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1. Glad I Never Ended Up With You


Glad I Never Ended Up With You

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On the barren western reaches of the Dartmoor Prairies, holed up in a shotgun shack, lives BILLY JAY, a country singer with his soul deep in the Country Blues. He shares his shack in the company of a faithful dog and a mean old desperate Duck, with only a few creature comforts, a well worn J200 and an old battered 4 track reel to reel tape recorder. It was on this recorder BILLY JAY, with help from Hombre Outlaw Riff Renegade Guitar Slinger Adam Parkes penned the dystopian antidote to all love songs. “Glad I Never Ended Up With You”.

Banished from the Ballincollig Backwoods in Cork County, this lost Celtic Cowboy is destined to drift the plains of the South Devon badlands and to ride the Blues Train into the rail tracks of his soul. Billy's keeping one step ahead of the Hell Hounds on his trail, blowing on the Devils Harp and riding on that last Hell-bound express.