1. Overture for Antonio

Antonio Carluccio's Italy

Original Soundtrack Music from the
BBC2 TV series

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Antonio Carluccio writes: "Considering that I am agnostic, it is remarkable that I accepted a charming, religious tune to be the accompaniment to my two BBC television series about the culture and food of my country. It happened while we were shooting a scene in Piemont, on the little island 'Pescatori' in the middle of Lake Maggiore. I was there with a plate of fish which had been prepared in the house of a local fisherman. I took the fish to the restaurant of the Hotel Venbeno where I cooked the fish."

"It was pouring with rain and while I was watching the street flood with water the little church started to play the bells which call the villages to afternoon service. Everyone in the crew was attracted by the `Maria` which was played with such gentility and so the soundtrack of the series about the cuisine of the North and South of Italy produced by Crocodile Music was born."

"Everytime I hear this tune, which is very popular in Italy, a certain emotional feeling washes over me and I see the entire series pass in front of me which is always full of sunshine."