1. Black Denim Trousers

CSN & Tank
Black Denim Trousers

A bunch of ne're do wells who are doomed to wander the highways, pool rooms and clubhouses of Australia playing for Burgers, Beer and Petrol while from time to time entertaining the local ladies. Four-piece True Blues Bottleneck Biker Band.

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The title track `Black Denim Trousers' was originally recorded by `The Cheers` and was based on the outlaw biker gangs in 1950`s California. (Remember the Marlon Brando film `The Wild One`). `Heavy Metal Home` came about after a close brush with a car when he thought he was close to Harley heaven. `Louie The Kid` was written as a fantasy fight between the Devil, Louie and the ownership of a bike. `Dragon Rider` came about after listening to `Gallows Pole.' The fast slide guitar work and the tight rhythms give it a frenzied madness. The Sidney Bechet song `Viper Madness' was selected for its tight intro and guitar solo and other connotations. `The Saga of H.D. Pete` remembers H.D. who was a crazy sort of guy who had both legs busted after coming off his bike. `Hell Hounds on My Trail` is a classic Robert Johnson song that Pete can personally relate to. `Old Uncle Jim and Me` is all about Jim Beam Bourbon mmm nice, a special favourite! `No Alcohol Allowed` refers to the riots in the 1980`s at the Bathurst Motor Bike Races in New South Wales when the organisers banned it.