John Mealing

John Mealing

Pianist / Composer / Arranger / Musical Director

John discovered `JAZZ` when accidentally tuning his crystal set to the Willis Conover Jazz Hour on `Voice of America`. Listening to the likes of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis changed everything.

During his early teens, this interest in jazz developed and he met up with other like minded musicians, performing at local jazz gigs playing piano with the Don Rendell andIan Carr Quintet. The opportunity came in the mid 1960`s to play in a Majorcan jazz club for six months. During this time, he had the great privilege of gigging with visiting guest musicians that included Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes and Dick Morrissey and led to the forming of the 60`s Jazz Funk Band `IF`.

Returning to the UK in 1970, he was able to concentrate on freelance studio session work and arranging while also working in bands with Andy Bown, The Strawbs and as musical Director for Leo Sayer. This freelance work resulted in a meeting with Malcolm Ironton at the newly formed Crocodile Music, there began an alliance which continues to this day.

John’s arranging credits included such notable artists as: Clifford T Ward, The Strawbs, Ginger Rogers, Paul Weller`s Style Council, The Blow Monkeys, The Swingle Singers and Leo Sayer.

Writing Credits: Children’s Drama Series: Park Ranger, Scarf Jack, and Press Gang

Game Shows: Bob’s Full House (Bob Monkhouse), Every Second Counts (Paul Daniels)

Together with the composition and arrangements for numerous advertising jingles and working with Crocodile on various TV programmes including the BBC Rick Stein series.