New Rick Stein TV soundtrack
The Road to Mexico
Crocodile Records has just released the latest CD in the Rick Stein television series collection.
In this series for BBC TV, Rick embarks on a nostalgic journey from San Francisco to Oaxaca in Mexico retracing a trip he made in the late 1960`s.
Video shoot in Tunbridge Wells
Here Comes That Girl Again

Filming has been completed for the new video of "Here Comes That Girl Again" the next single release by Lloyd Dereks.

After post production and editing the video will be released on the Crocodile website in November.

Dance, Trance, Hard House, and House Music
KDX is Dean Stapple: dance, trance, hard house, and House music. Dean has been putting out this genre for years and now has a place to park his tunes. His clarity and precision programming techniques are the envy of DJ’s across the EU and UK. His work is featured in The Cherokee Film “The Burger Van at the End Of The Gig”. And producers have included his loops on many singles, jingles and backing tracks. At present Dean is working on tracks exclusively for the Crocodile Production Music Catalogue.
The Burger Van at the End of the Gig
Feature film near completion

Slide guitarist and song writer Pete Tindal has been playing country Blues since the early sixties. A member of the very successful Australian band The Cherokeeshe has gigged the UK, EU, Scandinavia , EU, USA, and of course AUS. Pete and the Cherokees are just completing their first 120 minute feature film “The Burger Van at the End of the Gig”. This is a concept of selling music which was employed in the sixties and now the band has turned time on its head. The film, which is about the band The Cherokees, who do a deal, by accident, with the devil for a hamburger each? They get their burgers and find, that to get out of hell they have to get a gold record. They get help from an Elvis for being this backing band and for helping him to get out of hell.

This is 120 minutes of rockinrolliking fun times by a band of old geezers. A bit like Last of the summer wine meets Spinal tap with the Monkees tossed into a mad salad. The music and film will be available from this website on the 30th of August. The band The Cherokees who are featured in the film are currently rehearsing to go out on the road to promote their film