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1. Johnny Cash Shirt (Featuring Billy Jay on Harmonica)


Johnny Cash Shirt

Compilation album

You have here a compilation, or ‘Sampler’ of music by a certain Gerry Colvin, who may well be the best artist you have never heard of.

The selections here are taken from albums by both The Gerry Colvin Band and Colvin Quarmby, all tracks featuring an excellent array of musicians, with words and music by Gerry Colvin.

Gerry’s compositions are known to embrace joy, sadness, lost pleasures and treasures, poet wielded pens, and cutlass wielding divas, and of course great tunes. The Gerry Colvin Band enjoys a vast following, playing sell out venues and festivals across Europe and the UK, check out the website www.gerrycolvin.co.uk for a concert date near you.

Billy Jay - FCR Radio, Broadcasting : South West UK February 2024