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1. Black Denim Trousers


Black Denim Trousers

True Blues Bottleneck Biker Band.

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They are, Chainsaw, Sprocket, Knucklehead & Tank, a bunch of ne're do wells who are doomed to wander the highways, pool rooms and clubhouses of Australia playing for Burgers, Beer and Petrol while from time to time entertaining the local ladies. Cursed forever by the holier than thou, rejected by the world in general, their only allies are the other one per cent of rejects like themselves. Thus, a brotherhood was born, friends watching each other's backs, always ready to protect each other while playing the devils music of life on the open road.

Their anthems are a slide guitar that conjures up the mist demons of the Mississippi Delta with drums so loud that even Zeus goes and hides in a corner and cries out for his Mama. Mix in a harmonica that wails like a banshee that creeps around the house and rattles the windows. Couple it all with guitars and a bass that makes the guts of a thousand cops double up and rush to the nearest restroom. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have CSK&T! the tightest four-piece True Blues Bottleneck Biker Band you will ever hear.