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1. Eastern Opus


Eastern Opus

An Atmospheric Journey in Music

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`Eastern Opus` is an atmospheric journey in music which invites the listener to join composer and producer Ron Magness on a musical odyssey following in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the ancient Silk Route to the Far East.

Along the way visual images, textures, sounds and tonal patterns have been translated into music to conjure up the very mystery and romance of a journey along the Silk Route.

The history, the tumult, the tranquillity, the romance, and the frantic city life experienced along the route all act like a magnet pulling one in to explore and become absorbed in the travel experience that is the Far East.

Ron Magness is not alone in his love of the Far East, these amazing civilizations still continue to draw millions of travellers every year who return home with indelible memories. `Eastern Opus` and the accompanying album `Spirit of India` are unique musical souvenirs for all who have journeyed and are an appetizer for those yet to travel to the Far East.